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      我公司是新鋼、湘鋼一級代理商,位于歷史文化悠久近代城市文化底蘊深厚,歷史古跡眾多,有“豫州之腹地、天下之最中”美稱的河南鄭州,公司所供客戶遍布全國多個省市,在國內鋼鐵市場業內樹立了良好的口碑,同時也得到了廣大新老客戶的認同。一直以來,亞游集團ag8公司一直秉持“質量是生命,責任是核心”為公司第一宗旨,把“只有滿足客戶的利潤,才能實現公司的利潤,只有實現公司的利潤,才能實現個人的利潤”為公司的日常經營理念,"勤奮、踏實、堅韌、寬廣 "為公司的企業精神,為客戶提供最純凈的特殊板材作為我們工作的核心目標;我們堅持以這樣一種精神立身,以這樣一種態度做事,以這樣一種操守自律,以這樣一種作為贏得認可和信賴。讓河南亞游集團ag8成為全行業富有責任的中厚板鋼鐵企業。

"Run" on the good if water, water water all things without contention, run, can reach the world. "Lu" refers to fortune, fortune, "run" China's industrial growth, "lu century-old enterprise evergreen", henan runlu trading co., ltd. to "every piece, for the backbone of the world - the country" as the core concept of the enterprise to win social recognition and trust.
My company is discussed.meanwhile, the steel level agents, is located in historical and cultural profound modern urban culture and numerous historical sites, there are "state of the hinterland, most of the world" the laudatory name of zhengzhou, henan province, the company supplied more customers all over the country provinces and the industry has set a good reputation in the domestic steel market, but also by the vast number of old and new customers approval. Embellish of for a long time, Paul company always uphold the "quality is life, responsibility is the core" for the purpose of the company first, the "only meet customer profit, can realize the company's profits, only to realize the company's profits, to achieve personal profit" for the company's daily business philosophy, "diligent, steadfast, strong, broad" spirit of enterprise, for the company to provide clients with the most pure special plate as the core objective of our work; We insist on such a spirit, such an attitude to do things, such a conduct self-discipline, such a way to win recognition and trust. Henan runlu to become the industry full of responsibility in the plate iron and steel enterprises.
Our main products are low alloy structural plate, shipbuilding and petroleum platform plate, carbon structural plate, alloy structural plate, bridge plate, building structural plate, boiler and pressure vessel plate, formwork plate, pipe plate, armored tank plate, wear-resistant plate. Our products can meet ASTM, ASME, EN, JIS, ISO, DIN, AISI, API, GB, BS standards. In addition, we can also provide the certificates of nine classification societies, such as ABS, LR, DNV, CCS, BV, KR, NK, GL, RINA for shipbuilding board.

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